Admire… but please do not touch.

DreamWorld has lots, and lots of gift shops. You can’t avoid them, and if you have One of ‘Those’ Kids he will have a ball looking around, dreaming and planning what he will buy, a stuffed animal, ceramic ornaments, some wall hangings. The possibilities are endless. My kids really enjoy gift shops. In the middle of the floor in one particular DreamWorld shop is a gorgeous vintage car adorned with stuffed animals, and holding a load of stuffed koalas in the back. See how shiny it is? How inviting? What kid isn’t going to want to touch this baby? I wanted to touch this baby!

DreamWorld, Gold Coast


But after I rubbed my grubby little fingers all over those smooth contours I noticed a sigh, ‘Admire… but please do not touch’, Oops! I had a quick look around to make sure no one had seen me break the rules. Phew, not a soul saw.  Then it dawned on me, why would a shop torture parents so? A car, a toy like beautiful car, in the middle of a shop with a Do Not Touch sigh on it. Isn’t it hard enough for parents in theme parks without this? So I touched it again, ha! Take that DreamWorld! Ok, I didn’t. I’m too much of a goody two-shoes. Once I knew they didn’t want it touched, I just couldn’t touch it. I am such a wimp! But I wanted to, so that counts, right? Maybe I am a bit of a rebel after all?

DreamWorld, Gold Coast


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