Australian National Maritime Museum

While in Sydney we went to the Australian National Maritime Museum.  We climbed aboard boats, a submarine and saw a great exhibit about Vikings.



My favourite part was the replica of James Cook’s ‘The Endeavour’, one of the world’s most accurate maritime reproductions. What a beautiful ship. There were plenty of volunteers on hand, full of interesting tidbits and very willing to share.



I’ll bet you didn’t know that The Endeavour carried over 30 kilometres of ropes? That’s a lot of rope. They used it as napkins, towels and toilet paper. Who knew rope could be so useful. As toilet paper it was used, washed, and reused. I wonder how my boys would feel about switching to rope?



We also got to board the Jorgen Jorgenson. A reconstruction of the 9th century Gokstad Viking ship. Boys donned some helmets and shields and set to plundering.



After the Viking exhibit I got my boys to take the quiz offered. Learning happens everywhere!



The was some tough choices to be made by the boys in the gift shop, “Which boat should I buy?”.


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