A’va-go, soon to be best selling board game!

My boys love board games, as I may have mentioned once or twice. Sometimes, however, they get frustrated with the rules inflicted on them by the original board game designers. What better way to fix that then to make your own game! We often have new games designed, with the best rules and ideas form a multitude of favorite games combined with a few new rules, moves, and special effects.

Introducing A’Va-Go!


King-game1Here IrishKing shows the Moves Sheet for his new game, A’Va-Go.

Think Chess with 10 pieces each, all with different Super Powers and possible Reborn Abilities, then you have A’Va-Go, the never-ending board Game for hours of fun!


Precision drawing, and careful craftsmanship make every piece in this hand-made game unique. Exclusively designed by IrishKing for the luxury end of the board game market.

So go on, have a go with A’Va-Go!

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