Black Swans – And nothing to do with the rubbish movie!

Am I the only person alive who hated the movie? Yeah, the dancing and costumes were amazing, but the rest?  It was a creepy arty-farty horror B-movie. Maybe I just didn’t get it? Maybe I’m not arty enough to appreciate it? There is no maybe, I didn’t get it. It was crap, crap, crap! (More about crap later.)




I wanted to introduce you to my favourite Australians. When most people think of Australian animals they think kangaroos, koalas, and kookaburras. But did you know the black swan is another Australia native?



My boys and I went for a walk to introduce you to our neighbours.



When they see you coming they start swimming for shore, these are fed by locals, so they expect a meal. This is not a good idea for the swans. They have learnt to leave the water when they see humans, leaving them vulnerable to dogs, cars etc. We never feed them. But if we did, we would throw the food to them in the water.



Usually seen it pairs, black swans mates for life, and even grieve if they lose their partner.



The male, a cob, is larger than the female, a pen, and can reach up to 20 lb. (9 kg).



The black swan is very territorial and aggressively guards its patch when nesting. It will quickly attack anyone, or anything if it fells threatned. If a black swan raises its wings, stretches out its neck, or hisses at you …RUN!



I love them.



Beautiful, aren’t they?



Graceful on the water, but waddle like ducks on land.



What do you think boys?



IrishDoom, you look unhappy? What’s up?



Oh, something on your shoe?



Yeah, just scrape it off along the path.




Not coming off, try the wall…



What’s that you say?

airskull-15.jpg“They are just big ducks, with BIG poops!”


Oh, oh. I don’t think IrishDoom likes swans quiet as much as I do.

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