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What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than spread out across the floor playing and chatting with the kids? Not only do board games teach them patience, planning, winning and losing, but it also gives you precious ‘together time’. The kids are going to review their favourite games here. (I have my homeschool teacher cap on, and asking them to write reviews to practice their writing skills)

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Risk Game (IrishWrath, age 13) This is my favourite game. You command a huge army, try to expand your territory, and eliminate the other players. The drawback for me is chance, the die decided who wins combats. I would prefer if it was a strength based game. You use logic to arrange your troops into optimal positions, but ultimately, chance determines the winner. I usually prefer games that are strategy only, but the reason this is my favourite board game is the overall element of war. No diplomacy, no peaceful co-existence, just an all-out battle for the world. Plus the bigger you are, the more you attack, and the more you are attacked which evens the field a little bit. As I may have mentioned, Risk is my favourite strategy game.


Forbidden Island(IrishWrath, age 13) This is a Cooperative board game where the players must work together to claim the four mystical treasures of an ancient civilisation, before the island sinks under the sea. A fast-paced game with great artwork, this is a fun, easy to learn, game for the whole family. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys adventure and teamwork.

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