BookBook Case Review

I’ve been using the BookBook case for my MacBook Air since the end of 2012. I picked it because I liked the look; a certain weathered ageless distinction, very much old school.  It is as cool as an antique encyclopedia can be.


The detail on the case lends an air of quality, from the stitching to the gold embossed writing and the subtle embossed logo on the bottom. Both the top and bottom are rigid to give some protection during travel. The vintage leather absorbs the scuff marks and scratches to augment its character over time.


The padded chocolate-brown lining oozes luxury. There are two elastic bands that open the laptop with the case. Closing the case puts the laptop to sleep without issues. The zipper pull tabs are leather clad and yet again portray an air of quality. I can leave the laptop in the case at all times, even for charging or when I need to connect my phone.


The main selling point for me was its surprise element. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve pulled it out of my backpack, having just mentioned something I’ve been coding on the MacBook, only for the person I was speaking to say something along the lines of, “What the heck is that?”


I’m a subscriber to the idea that security comes on many levels, and that concealing something in plain sight is a valid way to hide it. Some of the reviews I read prior to buying this had anecdotes about their apartments being burgled, but the laptop being left, because it looks like an old magic spell-book. Burglars just don’t appreciate old stuff.


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