Broken Hula Hoops.

The other day we were at Melbourne Museum too see the amazing exhibit Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures. It is only running until 28th July, so if you are in Melbourne you should really make an effort to go. While there we also had a look at The Lie of the Land. After all this ‘exhibit-looking’ my boys need to run around a bit, and Melbourne Museum has that covered too with a great out-door space for kids to blow off some steam.

IrishKing and IrishDoom decided to show me how to hula hoop. They had seen people do it, how hard can it be? Gotta love a kid’s positive attitude! They started the hoops off at full force, hoping momentum would keep them going.









down the hoops fell.



Not naturals are you boys?

IrishDoom, “Those hula hoops must have been broken!”


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