Confessions of an Addict.

Coffee and I are not friends. We have an unhealthy relationship. It likes to control me, treats me badly, keeps me awake at night, gives me headaches, yet I beg for more. So on 24th June I gave it up. Gone. Bye. Adios. Au revoir. Forever! I was determined, motivated, I was stronger than coffee. I would win.

I should have written a post in early September, something like this:

How I beat my Addiction, and became Awesome!

Early September


It’s been a couple of months, and my coffee addiction is gone. I conquered my cravings and kicked that nasty friend to the curb. It wasn’t easy, and it took every ounce of strength I had. The voices in my head were loud.

“Go on, you deserve it, just one, you can handle one!”.
“No! For the love of God, you’re an addict, don’t do it!”.
“You’re strong; you can do moderation.”
“You are weird, stop talking to yourself. Freak!”

I battled through the addiction. Go me!

I’m amazing, and my willpower rocks!

Me: 1, Coffee: a big fat 0!

I’m over coffee FOREVER!

Famous last words.

So, we took a trip to Perth in September. It was amazing. I relaxed, walked, IrishDev cooked. What could be more perfect than time with the ones you love, in a beautiful environment. Recharged, refreshed, and loving life.

I can handle anything! Whoop!

We went to King’s Park.
Me, “Why don’t we have a coffee?”
Him, “I thought you gave up??!”
Me, “I can handle one!!”
Him, “Ok, if you’re sure you can handle it, be back in 5!”



As he came closer my heart began to race.



A feeling of panic, joy, excitement and longing!



Oh, I have yearned for your touch. To feel you on my lips…  (I could take this further, but my kids read the blog!)



Coffee, I love you. I’ve missed you. Please don’t make me give you up again… Oh, and I love you too, IrishDev!



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