Crafts for kids, the easy way part 3

When we got our Ancient Far East Discovery Kit the boys jumped right in and did the ‘fun’ activities, the fish and the Kokeshi dolls, then the box was forgotten about, and put away. Typical! The other day it was raining, no it was pissing, so out came the box again.

IrishCyborg ‘taught’ the class. Don’t you love it when your older kids teach the younger ones? I do, and it is happening more and more around here. They started with origami.



Some precision folding going on.



Look at the neat… NOT folds on these boats!



Bailey wants a turn.



iPads are so handy for PDF curriculum.






Then they made dragons. The kit comes with everything you need.



First print the template and use it to cut out the correct shape on the cardstock. Don’t let your youngest start off the template, or he might only get one shape from a whole sheet of card and Mammy might need to come to the rescue to maximise the use of the next few sheets.



Carefully colour in the dragons with lots of detail so a craft that should take an hour turns into an all day activity, and you don’t have time for any other school work.



Do some precision cutting, or if you are young and lazy call Mammy to help with the difficult areas i.e. the claws.



Color in the paper that will be used for the body. Make it so detailed that it takes you about a week to finish.



Color the sticks, maybe with a sea theme.



Put it all together, and proudly show off your dragon,



and try to look cool in the photo.

Crafts for Kids-2.jpg


If you spent too long on the details of your dragon and your mum got bored waiting around with the camera, you can get your photo taken on a different day.


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