Flying with Kids

We are here in the Gold Coast for a week, to celebrate my birthday. Though I stopped ageing last year, at 40, we will still celebrate for the heck of it.

The 2 hour flight up from Melbourne was uneventful, just the way I like it. The boys played with their DSs the entire journey. There are real advantages to video game devices. They make great entertainment when you really need it. Add to the fact that we have had a video game ban for the last few months, makes them even more appealing to the boys.




The flight was uneventful for us, but not for another mum. A hostess asked her little girl to stop standing on the seat, bums on seats, she said. Little girl said no. The hostess insisted, for safety she said. The girl insisted too. It was a real battle of wits. The hostess against a 4-year-old. The 4-year-old won. The hostess told the mum to make her daughter sit down, and walked off. The mum made some feeble attempts at discipline, promising things, threatening to take away other things. The little girl said, no, no, no! She stood on the seat on and off for the entire flight. Barely strapping in for landing. The hostess reappeared a few times, telling the mum to make the girl sit down, but the mum couldn’t make her daughter do it. A plane full of listening passengers is not an easy place to in-force rules. Crying, screaming kids and other passengers glaring eyes don’t mix. Poor mum, what a way to start off a trip.


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