Game Masters, prepare to duel!

You can never have enough board games, well around here that’s true. We limit TV, computer games, DS, Wii, and the like, so boys need something to keep them occupied and out from under my feet. I am trying to get them more physically active and spend more time on sports, but that’s another post. For the last few years games have been a firm favourite, second only to books.


The first real game obsession was Yu-Gi-Oh, and Oh! did that got on for years. I remember IrishWrath getting his first deck. He was 6 years old. He read the rule book, and need a willing competitor. That’s where I came in. We began to duel. He told me the rules as we played, insuring his advantage. To this day I am still dueling. I have dueled my 4 boys 1000’s of time. No joke, literally 1000’s of times! Yet, I still don’t know all the rules. I fake it, read the instructions on the cards, say “It’s time to duel!”, and “I believe in the heart of the cards!” a lot, and have a good time. Older two are on to me, but younger two are still fooled and often challenge me to a duel.


yu-gi-ohDueling IrishKing and IrishCyborg, 2010


IrishCyborg and IrishWrath love long-lasting games like Civilization, Risk, Monopoly, and Munchkin. They have been known not to take a win so the game lasts longer. Sometimes the games go on for days, and days, and days. Yawn. I often try to throw the game to get my kitchen table back. I’m so bad at games that my cheating to lose often doesn’t come to much. I’m more like IrishDoom and IrishKing who like games that can be played in an hour or less like Hive, Dominion, and Castle Panic. Those two have also been know to cheat, they really take after me;) I have asked boys to review a few of their favorites over here.


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