Guinness is Good for You

You know when you hear about something for years and years, and then you see it and you are underwhelmed? Well that was the Sydney Opera house for me. I can’t tell you why exactly but it didn’t rock my world. Maybe it was the crowds, I hate crowds.



Across the bay from the Opera House you get a great view of The ‘Iron Lung’, Sydney Harbour Bridge. It reminded us of a time when Sydney’s people struggled through the great depression.



Do you remember when there was a phone on every corner? Well those days are long gone and now it is rare to see a public phone and even rarer to see a beautiful one like this.  A relic from a bygone era, just like me.

Red phonebooth, Sydney


We went into a board game shop and my boys were prepared to drop some big bucks, thanks to Grandad. But the shop assistant followed us around like we were fleecing the place, so we hightailed out of there.  In the photo below she was standing right behind us watching our every move. Seriously why do they do that? I know there is a lot of shoplifting and the need to keep an eye on shoppers but ‘Do it on the sly people!!’



While out and about I noticed that three of my boys were wearing skull tee-shirts, AirSkull all the way! Maybe all the skulls made the shop assistant think we were bad ass.



Recycled lamp shades lit our way to The Rocks, an historic area of Sydney.



To finish the day off Irish style we enjoyed a Guinness.


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