Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…la,la,la,la…..  Luckily there were no tears today. We started the day at Surfers Paradise Beach.




It was overcast today, so the beach was deserted, apart for a few surfers, and a loony Irish family.

Werribee Zoo-2.jpg


The boys spent a couple of hours playing tag with the sea. The sea won.



IrishKing burnt off some of his energy.



We then went to the local luxury shopping centre for a nosey. What did we buy? Maybe a Hermés bag?



No Hermés purchases, but I did have a coffee in relative peace.  You know, as peaceful as it can be with four boys sitting patiently-ish.



I had a quick look in a couple of shops while IrishDev kept the boys in-line. He knows how much I hate it when they play up in public.


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