Insect Graveyard

Mud and insects, my boys love both. If I send the kids outside, to get out from under my feet, they often end up playing with one or the other. The mud survives, the insects often don’t. Because of the special love offered by my kids, I’m convinced only the bravest kamikaze insect will venture into our garden. Snails, beetles, ants, and anything that dawdles get put in a glass prison. Then the “I’m going to start a beetle family’, or ” Wait till you see my snail empire grow” begins. It used to end in tears, but after years of insect deaths, the boys are used to it now. They still bury everyone in a special area in the garden. So sweet.

The other day while the boys were locked (yes I said locked, otherwise they would keep coming in and out driving me berserk) outside, I wondered what they were up to. This is what I found.



They wanted this to look like a celtic cross. Not too bad me thinks..considering they only used lolly pop sticks and mud.



The graveyard, ready for the grave stones.





When I asked them why they made it, they said they want a special place for the insects to RIP. Oh, the innocence of youth. Love my boys!

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