Do you ever have on of those days where things just irk you all day long? It often starts with a bad night’s sleep. A child comes in, wakes you to tell you he’s awake. Thanks Son, now I’m awake too. Eventually you go back to sleep, and another child wakes you to tell you he needs to pee. That’s great Son, I need to be kept informed of all your bodily functions through the night, NOT! Eventually sleep takes you off to that wonderful place, yes….sleep   ..BUZZ. The fecking alarm! It can’t be morning already.


“You need to chill, Mum!”

You walk into the bathroom to find your hubby’s boxer shorts right where they dropped as he stood out off them. After 15 years together he still ‘forgets’ to put them in the laundry basket. You take a shower but someone runs the hot water somewhere else in the house, and your shower water is suddenly freezing. While you are in the shower every child in the house starts calling you like the house is burning down. You rush out to find they can’t find some totally insignificant thing. You can’t even have a shower in peace. You step in a puddle of wet in the laundry room. Piss! Which one of you mangy mutts did that??!! No one owns up.


Titan, “It was only a little tinkle Mammy, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.” For the next few hours the kids, and dogs drive you mad. They are all out to get you.  That’s it. You’ve had enough. You write a quick email to you hubby outlining the problems, and demanding a solution. You await a reassuring, loving response. At last a return email. His reply: Unsubscribe. He was lucky that day. My bad mood hadn’t set me over the edge of no return, and I found his reply hilarious. Warning to hubby: It might not go as well for you next time. Find the laundry basket!!

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