Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…

We’ve been a bit busy around here the last while, and this is the reason.



Aren’t they adorable??!

  I’m volunteering with an animal rescue group, helping save some lives. I took kittens because I was afraid my poorly behaved dogs wouldn’t take too kindly to blow in K9s, and besides, I love cats.    


Cats are my favorite animal, but unfortunately I am allergic to them. I grew up with cats, and never had a problem, but for some reason in my early twenties I became allergic. One of my boys is also allergic. We’ve been working on some natural remedies, and think our allergies aren’t as severe. Fingers crossed these little kitties don’t send me over the sneezing edge!

  These little ones were born to a stray mum in someone’s garden. Unwanted, and not having a bright future, they would have just added to the feral cat population, so I, along with Forever Friends Animal Rescue, took them in. Kittens   They were flea ridden, underweight, and had the cat flu. There was seven in the litter, but one unfortunate little girl was too sick, and the decision was made to euthanize her. With the help of my minions we bathed the others, drowned off most of the fleas, and ended up with six little beauties. Kittens   I swore to IrishDev that I definitely would not want to keep any of them, before he agreed to us fostering them. And you know… I meant it, at the time. but now I want to keep them all. They have such sweet dispositions, and are the best stress busters in the world. But six kittens make six litter boxes full of poop. I don’t want imagine what six adult cats will do. That in itself is an incentive to get SOME of them adopted. That and IrishDev’s threats of divorce! Kittens   But how do we pick who to keep? Kittens  
This little girl is definitely in the running. I love her.


Maybe I should file the divorce papers now?

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