Meriton Bondi Junction.

After 7 years in Australia it is pitiful how little we have actually seen of this country, so we have decided to fix that. First stop Sydney. I limit my boys use on gadgets and video games, but boy those things can come in handy. The flight just FLEW by for them.



We are staying in The Meriton Bondi Junction. We have stayed with Meriton a number of times in Queensland and have loved their apartments, and so far this one is not disappointing apart from the broken AC which they are sending someone to fix, fingers crossed. Here’s our room.



And our view.



Boy room one.



And boy room two. Notice the suitcase on the bed ‘bagging’ that bed? This child doesn’t like to sleep near a window with a view down, down, down.



A fully stocked laundry room. You might think, “Girl, you are on holidays, don’t do it”, but I really like to pack light and freshen up clothes as we need them.




A desk for when you are working or blogging. But who ever uses these desks? Not me. I am sprawled out on the bed right now.



A nice dining table area. There is plenty of room in these three bedroom apartments, which is much appreciated with 4 boys.



While I ran around to take the photos I sent the boys to their favourite babysitter, Sponge Bob. A highlight for them is watching TV when on holidays. Sad, sad boys 😉


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