Movie World, Gold Coast

Waking up to the sound of silence is very unusual around here. It was quiet this morning; so much so that I had to get up and check what boys were up to. This is what I found.



They know holidays mean morning tv . That’s a real treat for my poor tv deprived kids. Tv is strictly limited at home, so they lap it up on holidays. I think they would be happy not to go anywhere, and just watch television for a holiday. As if!!



It was a very wet morning, and despite the boys suggesting a day in front of the box might be in order, we decided on Movie World.



It was totally pissing when we got there, so we bought some ponchos. $30 of day light robbery later we were all decked out in over priced, plastic bag ponchos. Talk about Movie World taking advantage of people. When we were in the USA last year the same 6 ponchos cost us $6. Here $30. What does that say about Australia? We are being robbed left, right, and centre.

IrishKing was too small for a few of the rides that he would have loved to try to prove his bravery to his brothers. He insisted that if he was big enough he would not have baulked at any of them. Then his moment to prove himself came. The Batwing-Spaceshot.



This thing is huge, and scary. “Any takers?”, I asked. The rest admitted defeat, so IrishKing stepped up. He did it once, and declared it not scary at all. He tried to entice the others to join him on a second go. Again no takers.





IrishKing proved his extreme machoness over his older brothers. He is delighted with himself, and this holiday will be one he will remember, and brag about forever.

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