One of ‘Those’ Kids?

Last week I took my boys to the zoo to take photos for our Christmas cards. The zoo has recently added a shop that you must go through to exit. You used to be able to side step the gift shop, or chose to bring your little darling in if you wanted. But now there is no escaping the call of all the junk treasure in the gift shop. If you are lucky like me, your kids will just have a quick look at the books on offer. If they see one they like they will ask you to add it to their wish lists on Amazon or Book depository. Aren’t we so lucky to have kids like this?



But maybe you have the other sort of kid, the one that always wants to buy something, anything!



He will check the price of everything in the shop, hoping that something is within in his budget.



“Look Mum isn’t this cool. Can I get it??!!”



“A hand puppet would be good fun. Can I get it?”.

One of those kids


“This is ONLY $10. Can I get it?”



“This is even cheaper. Can I get it?”.



“I have ALWAYS wanted a teddy like this. Can I get it?!!”



If you too have a kid like this, be thankful for their persistence and optimism!

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