Penultimate Adventure

We woke up to sunshine, and cooperation today. After a vote on where to go we agreed on “lets just get in the car and see…” We arrived at a play ground, just down the road from where we are staying.




It led to a beach with a netted swimming enclosure and a wooden platform in the middle. As soon as IrishKing saw it he said it was an adventure he had to take. We had to let him swim to island, and conquer it.



The others found a boat, and reminded IrishKing that the sea is full of sharks, and the only safe way to get to the island was by boat. He wasn’t having any of it.



Being the ever so good parents that we are, on holidays at least, we went back to the hotel for the swimming gear, so our little adventurer could meet his goals.



Not to be out done by IrishKing , IrishCyborg decide he was up for an adventure too.



“We hereby name this island ours!!”



Jaws music ‘dun dun…dun dun duuunnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnn dunnn’



Some hobbits spent hours digging hobbit holes.



It started to get a little chilly, so IrishCyborg decided to light a fire.



That didn’t go too well for him. So he tried to take the drift wood home. That didn’t go too well for him either.  “My Precious!”


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