Pinterest is Evil!

Last Christmas I made a fatal mistake, I showed my boys something on Pinterest. Up until then they have been happily making their own creations; toilet roll men, ships, swords, shields from boxes, you get the idea. But Christmas Eve I saw a cute little craft, and called them over to see. Eyes lit up, and busy minds got a thinking… “We can make lots of these, and decorate the whole house!!” And off they went, raiding their toilet roll supplies, spending hours and hours snipping, drawing, and painting. I love to see them doing make & do.




The problem lies in that it’s the 13th of February, and those darn little reindeer are still popping up all over the house. I find them on my ornaments,



as ornaments,



and as book marks (Pretty cool, right?).



I have enlisted the help of Titan to seek and destroy any reindeer whenever he finds them, well that’s the excuse he is using.



So my thought is, do I show my boys a Valentine’s Day project form Pinterest and spark a possible new invasion, or I just leave it up to them to create from their own super imaginations?



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