Powerhouse Museum

For this holiday IrishDev talked me into not getting a car to get around Sydney, but to use the public transport instead. This will be the first time we haven’t had a car on holidays, and IrishDev assured me it will be an adventure. Our boys love trains, so riding on the trains and trams will be a thrill for them. We decided to look around the city today, and visit The Powerhouse Museum.

IrishDev was in charge of the map. We got the double-decker train into the city, then on arriving he insisted on us taking the stairs up to ground level instead of the escalator. Five flights later we hit the ground. I nearly, literally, hit the ground because my poor old legs are not fans of stairs. Then instead of taking the tram up to the museum IrishDev says “Lets walk, it only looks to be 5 minutes away’, and we fools listened to him. Half an hour later we arrived.

Locomotive No. 1, the oldest surviving steam engine in Australia, greeted us in the arrivals area. A good reminder to IrishDev that we should have taken the train instead of walking, and don’t worry I told him 😉



There is plenty to keep young boys occupied here,



and older boys too.



Some things to manipulate,



and light to play with.



There is a Beatles exhibit which is a good time to tell your kids about this famous band, if like ours they had never heard of them. This was boring to myself and the kids but fans like IrishDev would love it. Yawn.



There is a nice outside area where kids can burn off some energy, that’s if they have any energy left after hiking a million miles to get here. Unfit mums can take a breather.



“Mum, we can cycle back to the hotel!”.



Myself and the kids ran out of steam long before IrishDev.



He was, “Oh, look at this…so interesting…blah, blah,, blah…Lets just look over here, and here, and here before we go….”



IrishDev spend the rest of the day trying to prove to us that public transport was the business, we are not buying!!

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