While in Queensland IrishDev came up with something to do one evening. I’m not big on going out after a busy day at the parks. I rather go back to the apartment, cook a nice meal, and while IrishDev and the kids play a few board games, I relax and look at the pictures I took that day. But IrishDev really wanted to see the views from the top of the tallest building in Australia, the Q1. I don’t know why he always want to go up tall buildings, as he is afraid of heights. He says he doesn’t mind when the height is closed in. I, on the other hand, am terrified of heights, closed in or otherwise, thanks to him. Here is the story of why I am now afraid of heights, in answer to Heather‘s question in a previous post.

I Don't Like Rides


So there you have it. A one time dare-devil, with numerous parachute jumps under her belt, is now terrified of heights. I agreed to go to the observation deck with the promise of a coffee and him making the dinner. I’m cheap!  And you never know, I might be cured.



On arrival at the observation deck, I was pleasantly surprised. There was lots of space, and plenty of room for me to avoid the windows. I was the crazy lady hugging the walls. IrishDev and boys spent way too long admiring the view and reading information charts. Another problem is that I don’t like the boys to be near the windows. I know they won’t fall out, but I still fear it. Is that a phobia? But I did resist shouting, “Step away from the edge!”, numerous times. Yay me!



We settled down for a coffee in the most centered part of the deck that I could find, and boys had a look around. I am really lucky with my boys. No matter where we go, they can find something to spend money on. Money just burns holes in their pockets, and thanks to Grandad they had plenty of money to spend this trip. Here they found one of those Press-A-Penny machines, that turn a penny into a souvenir. My boys love these, and have plans to collect a coin from everywhere we visit. They informed me that Melbourne Zoo has three options for coins, and they would need to get them all, each! Start saving boys.


I love family times like this. My boys and I chat, and we lovingly share our affections for each other. Gone are the days when they fight over who sits where, and I rarely hear “Don’t touch me”. Rarely, but not never!


While I had my coffee, the boys read some info on the punishments inflicted if you throw something from the top of the Q1, along with the warning signs on the dangers involved. A great discussion followed, including the surmising on the penalties and dangers of dropping a can of soda. While they were talking I noticed my youngest loving and repetitively kissing his brother. What a sweet boy. Turns out he was blowing on him, not showering him with kisses. Oh, one can dream!

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