Quick Photo Shoot

Me, “Come on boys, into the sitting room, so I can get a quick photo of you all looking so nice”.

They quietly went in, took up positions on the couch, and one snap later I had this photo. No messing about who sits where, and all facing the camera at the same time. Wow! So easy. I must take more photos like this.



That’s in an alternate universe, cause around here a ‘quick photo’ goes something like this.

airskull-8.jpgIrishKing, “I want to sit there”


airskull-12.jpgIIrishKing, “Told you I want to sit there!”


airskull-7.jpgIrishWrath, ” Get off me you lump”.


airskull-6.jpgIrishCyborg, “Come on Mammy, you must have gotten a good picture by now?!”


airskull-10.jpgIrishDoom, “I want Titan beside me!”



Me, “Ok, all look this way….no laughing, come on…, no playing with your Crocs”



Me, “IrishCyborg look this way. IrishKing, take the scared look off your face, or I will give you something to be scared about!!”


airskull.jpgThat’ll do boys, that’ll do!



Ribbet collage

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