What Are They Saying?

At DreamWorld I spent a lot of time watching the boys from a distance, while they lined up for rides. Most of the time I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I could guess it by their body language and hand gestures. I videoed them waiting to go into Zombie Evilution. It’s laser tag, humans against zombies. Lots of running around and shooting things. They loved it, and went in multiple times.

I am pretty sure they were talking about me while in line, I have captioned the video to what I think they were saying. Have a look.


I’m pretty sure I got it right. After all, what else could they be talking about standing outside one of their favourite shoot them up rides? I suppose there is a slim chance they weren’t talking about how great I am? Hmm… yeah a one in a million possibility they were talking about the ride? What do you think?

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