Sea World, Gold Coast

Raining again this morning, so we decided to do the boys least favourite holiday thing, go shopping! This time they did enjoy it, as they picked up a few toys, and new Crocs. We had a quick sushi lunch then on to Sea World. I wondered if my boys would keep up their record of not seeing or being interested in a single animal at Sea World.



Because it is off-season here and also raining this morning, the park was quiet. The lines were short, and there wasn’t too many people about. We did however meet one wild animal. A kid, about 12 years old, who while waiting in the line behind the boys threatened to “Gorge their eyes out” if they didn’t let him in front, and finished off with “I will kill you if you tell anyone”. Little dumb shit, we were standing right beside him and heard everything. Boys laughed it off, but I wanted to deck him. I resisted, just!

I had to practically blackmail the boys for a photo with Sponge Bob. “We’re too old for photos with men in suits!!!”, ” Do we have to??!!”…

Sea World


IrishKing was just 4 cm too small for the Sea Viper. He managed to remind everyone that he did the Batwing yesterday in Movie World, so he is still the bravest!



There was no line for the Sea Viper, so the older three did it a gazillion times. They could hardly walk when they finished. We finished off in Cast Away Bay. There is a huge 5 story rope fortress, where the boys ran around like mad pirates for a couple of hours.



Then there was a battle of the century. Boys against Dad in the Battle Boats.



This got messy, and we were lucky it didn’t end in tears. There was an unfair advantage to the boys, but IrishDev managed to hold back the tears.



We called it a draw. And after a few sightings of seagulls and one wild child, the boys managed not to see any “boring animal shows”.


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