Super Scratch Programming Adventure Giveaway.

The winner is Gabby. Congratulations! And thanks to No Starch Press for the giveaway.

We have been using Scratch here for about four months. It has turned out to be a firm favourite with my three younger boys, thanks in part to the great book Super Scratch Programming Adventure!: Learn to Program By Making Cool Games, and thanks to the wonderful programmers over at MIT Media Lab.

Scratchy the cat

As you know, if you read my review of Super Scratch Programming Adventure, the binding of my copy fell apart. It didn’t stop us loving the book, but being slightly anal, I had to tell you about it. I didn’t contact the published to complain, instead I did it the lazy way, on my blog. The publishing company, No Starch Press, got wind of my ‘complaint’, and offered me a replacement copy. I was total gobsmacked. Are these guys for real? Do they really care what us little guys think? Turns out they do, and I love it.

Since I already have a perfectly usable copy of Super Scratch Programming Adventure, getting used by the fourth child now, I didn’t feel I need a replacement. I asked No Starch Press if they would let me give it away here, and they agreed. So all you have to do to enter, and be in with a chance to win this great book and start your kids programming, is leave a comment. Say hi, bye, or anything in-between.

Open to USA residents only. Terms and Conditions.

Good luck!

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