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8th Grade 2014

We homeschool year round. When we finish something  we don’t wait till the next year to start the next level,we keep moving forward. Often we start new things mid ‘school year’. For example IrishWrath started Junior Analytical Grammar late 7th grade and will finish this year, 8th grade.

Here is a list of what we are using so far in 8th grade with IrishWrath.

Reading by choice
Reading for school
Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings
Junior Analytical Grammar (Finished)

The Story of the World: The Middle Ages with our book list.

Coursera Courses:
Introduction to Logic (Finished) Difficult but he liked it. He gives it 8/10
How Things Work 1 (Finished)  Highly Recommend. 10/10
Gamification  (Finished) 9/10
Intro to Finance (Finished) Very, very difficult. 7/10
Programming Languages (On now) difficult
Video Games and Learning (On now) Loving it

Life of Fred Advanced Algebra  Review (Finished)
Art of Problem Solving, Prealgebra  Started in 7th grade (Finished)
Art of Problem Solving, Introduction to Algebra.
Khan Academy

Big History Project  This is a pilot program. We haven’t done many of the discussions, just watch the videos and read the notes.
Mapping the World with Art
French with a tutor