The Easter Bunny’s Visit

There was great anticipation last night for the Easter Bunny’s visit. We recently found out that IrishCyborg is lactose intolerant, so the boys wrote this note.

Easter Bunny note


I told them to add the money bit in case the bunny wasn’t prepared for the dairy-free thing. Lucky we did since the bunny doesn’t seem to carry many dairy free eggs. The boys received 3 chocolate bars, and some money. They love money!

Despite the fact that IrishCyborg was up at 4am, unable to get back asleep, I made him wait till the others woke up. It didn’t take IrishDoom and IrishKing long, they were up at 5am. Still IrishWrath slept on. Good old IrishWrath. We can count on his ability to sleep. I let them wake him at 6am.


airskull-3.jpgTearing downstairs


The Easter Bunny left this treasure map for them to follow


airskull.jpgExamining the map, and reading the Bunny’s response to their note.


airskull-4.jpgThe hunt is on!


Ribbet collage


Happy Easter!

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