The Tapestry

I’ve come to realise that I don’t really like reviewing terrible books, so I’m taking a break from the classics to talk about some of the books I enjoyed.

I’m starting with The Tapestry, a little-known book that doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

The story of the first book is very similar to Harry Potter. The protagonist, Max McDaniels, learns about a secret world of magic, and goes to study it in a hidden school, Rowan Academy.

There are some differences, and they become more pronounced as the series goes along. The Tapestry draws extensively from Irish folklore (Go Ireland!) and Max is likened to Cuchulain, the mythical Irish Hercules. Another thing, the world ends in book two. Yes, that was sudden. I think the author got bored of Earth or something.

After that point, the school forgets all about pretending to be Hogwarts and goes to fight some of the demons that have been taking over the world, protecting the last shreds of humanity, and establishing a kingdom with equal rights to the demon kingdoms.

One thing to be said, Hogwarts was never the capital of an empire.

Some of the characters can go missing for a while (as in, pretty much the entire series) but their stories are always tied up nicely. Eventually.

Unfortunately, the last book in the series is only available as an ebook, disappointing, but bearable.

This is one of the best books I’ve read, although my opinion might be a little tainted. For one, this book has Ireland! And secondly, I like magic. If a book doesn’t have magic, I probably don’t like it. If it does, it’s already half-way toward my ‘Shelf of Favourites’.

This is an unrelated picture of a tree. I’m pretending it’s a rowan tree, which would tie it into the name of the school.


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