It’s summer here in Melbourne, but it hasn’t been all sunshine. There has been lots of glorious rain, with some lovely cool days, and even a hailstone shower. Now you might think umbrellas are just for rain, but you would be wrong. Our Thomas the Tank Engine umbrellas, aged about 12, their younger brother Sponge Bob, aged 8ish, and their sisters are used for a multitude of other things.

They work well as sun umbrellas.



The make an excellent phalanx.



When a child doesn’t want his picture taken,



they make amazing shields.



When guns are needed for a battle scene, what better than an umbrella?



My boys make a lot of home videos, and then laugh and laugh at what they make. I love to photograph them like this. I could sit here and take their picture all day. My adorable boys, the peace and love I feel when I am around them…



Wait a minute, I was photographing you. Stop blocking my pictures you nasty kids!



Look who never blocks my pictures, he is now my favourite child.


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