Wet ‘n’ Wild, Gold Coast

It’s 8pm and the kids are fast asleep? The secret? A day in Wet ‘n’ Wild. This park is not for the faint hearted or lazy ass. Prepare to be exhausted!

IrishDev dressed for the Tour De France, but since that wasn’t on he lined up with the boys instead.



First up was the Constrictor Water Slide. The aim of this ride is to tire you out before you even get to the top.



The goal is to roll a hug raft to the top, climbing a million steps, so you are exhausted, and don’t do it a lot. Hence short lines, and tired kids.



Up, up, up…….



Now, I would have loved to help the boys carry their raft, over and over, up all those steps but someone had to sit with the towels, water, and stuff. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. We could have spent $10 for a locker, but I felt it was my duty to sit around, lying in the sun,  guarding our towels with my life!



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