Where’s Perth?

Who knows their Australian geography? You? Me? I figure we all know the basic shape of Australia, but I asked IrishCyborg to do a visual just in case. He also put on some of our native animals for your enjoyment, and after you see this I know you all will be dying to visit.


I’ve been in Australia for eight years, and after that long you would expect me to know where the eight capital cities are. I can name them: Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, and Perth. I was pretty sure I knew where they were until I tried to point Perth out on the map. Give it a go on the map below. Can you place Perth?


Here is where I thought it was.

Is-this-Perth 3

Yeah, I got it wrong. Here is where Perth actually is.


Hey, I was only a few hundred miles out. I got the right side of Australia, that has got to count for something??! How did you do? The good news is that I’m teaching my boys geography… God help them!

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