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Story of the World Volume 1 Book List

Story of the World Volume 1 Book List

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Here is a list of the books we used for The Story of the World: Volume 1: Ancient Times. We love ancient history, and read a lot of books, so it took us about 1 1/2 years to complete. Older boys, grade 4/5 and 6/7 at the time, read all the novels. There is no need to read anything like what they read. They are avid, fast readers, not the norm for their age.

Introduction: What is History
Awesome Archaeology (Knowledge)

Chapter 1: Earliest People (6000 BC)
Warrior Scarlet, by Rosemary Sutcliff
The Boy of the Painted Cave
Leap Through Time: The First Humans
Savage Stone Age used with Savage Stone Age Sticker Book (Horrible Histories)
Maroo of the Winter Caves
Walking With Cavemen DVD with Walking With Cavemen We loved these.

Chapter 2: Egyptians Lived on the Nile River  (3000BC)   
Tales of Ancient Egypt, by Roger Lancelyn Green
Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)
Awful Egyptians (Horrible Histories)

Chapter 3 The First Writing  (3200 BC)   
Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs
You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!: Disgusting Things You’d Rather Not Know Great for younger readers.
Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris
The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt (Ologies) Loved this.
The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone

Chapter 4 The Old Kingdom of Egypt (2550) 
Temple Cat
Mummies in the Morning (Magic Tree House, No. 3)
Tutankhamun (First Books–Ancient Biographies)

Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictator (2335 BC)    

Chapter 6: The Jewish People

Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians    
Science in Ancient Mesopotamia

Chapter 8: The Assyrians   
Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

Chapter 9: The First Cities of India

Chapter 10:  The Far East: Ancient China
Science in Ancient China (Science of the Past)

Chapter 11: Ancient Africa  

Chapter 12 : Middle Kingdom of Egypt  
The Golden Goblet  Newbery Honor Book
The Kane Chronicles Boxed Set Modern day adventures of Egyptian gods, and descendents of the pharos. Highly recommended.

Chapter 13: New Kingdom of Egypt  
Science in Ancient Egypt (Science of the Past)
God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah (Living History Library)
Mara, Daughter of the Nile (Puffin Story Books)
Pyramid by David Macaulay
Tales of Ancient Egypt, by Roger Green
The Cat of Bubastes A Tale of Ancient Egypt Free kindle edition
The Egypt Game, by zipha Keatley Snyder.  Newbery Honor Book

Chapter 14  The Israelites Leave Egypt    
Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)
The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt (Ologies)
Hittite Warrior  1300 BC
Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus (The Theodosia Series) Boys loved this series.
Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris (The Theodosia Series)
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos (The Theodosia Series)
Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh (The Theodosia Series)

Chapter 15  The Phoenicians (1200-850 BC)
Roman Myths (Myths and Legends)
Famous Men of Rome

Chapter 16 The Return of Assyria (1300-627 BC)
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Chapter 17: Babylon Takes Over Again!  
Seven Wonders of the World
One Thousand and One Arabian Nights (Oxford Story Collections)

Chapter 18: Life in Early Crete  
Greek Myths, Olivia Coolidge

Chapter 19: The Early Greeks  
D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths A must have!
The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War (Step-Into-Reading, Step 5)

Chapter 20: Greece Gets Civilized Again (800 BC)  
Tales from the Odyssey, Part 1 Great for younger readers.
Tales from the Odyssey, Part 2 Great for younger readers.

Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of ‘The Iliad’
The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of the Odyssey

The Children’s Homer (The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy)
The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles  Free kindle edition
Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16) (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))
Archimedes and the Door of Science (Living History Library)
Galileo and the Stargazers: Including Archimedes and the Golden Crown audio
Jason and the Argonauts (Myths and Legends)

Chapter 21: The Medes and the Persians   
Groovy Greeks (Horrible Histories TV Tie in)

Chapter 22: Sparta and Athens (800-600 BC)   
Science in Ancient Greece

Chapter 23: The Greek Gods (800 -600 BC)   
Tales of the Greek Heroes (Puffin Classics)
The Trojan War, by Olivia Coolidge
Percy Jackson 5-book boxed set  Greek gods in modern-day. Highly recommend by boys.

Chapter 24: The Wars of the Greeks (431 BC)   
The Flying Horse (All Aboard Reading)

Chapter 25: Alexander the Great  (336 BC)  
Alexander the Great (First Books–Ancient Biographies)
Alexander the Great and His Claim to Fame (Horribly Famous)
Spartacus and His Glorious Gladiators (Dead Famous)
Alexander the Great (First Books–Ancient Biographies)
Herodotus and the Road to History
The Trojan War
Alexander the Great and His Claim to Fame (Horribly Famous)

Chapter 26: The People of the Americas   
Angry Aztecs
Incredible Incas (Horrible Histories)
Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs: World Cultures Through Time (Primary Source Readers)

Chapter 27: The Rise of Rome   
Mystery of the Roman Ransom
The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, Book 1) Roman gods in modern times. Boys loved these.
The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, Book 2)
The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, Book 3)
The House of Hades, (Heroes of Olympus, Book 4) we are looking forward to this one.

Chapter 28: The Roman Empire   
Greek and Roman Fashions (Dover Pictorial Archives)
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction
You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Gladiator!: Gory Things You’d Rather Not Know
Lift The Lid On Gladiators: Enter The Roman Colosseum And Prepare Your Gladiator For Combat
Asterix the Gladiator

Chapter 29: Rome’s War with Carthage  
Life in Ancient Rome (Dover History Coloring Book)
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction
Gladiators (Action Files)
Between the Forest and the Hills (Adventure Library)
Spartacus and His Glorious Gladiators (Horribly Famous)
tiger, tiger

Chapter 30: The Aryans of India   
The Cat Who Went to Heaven Japan   Newbery Medal winner

Chapter 31: The Mauryan Empire of India

Chapter 32: China: Writing and the Qin

Chapter 33: Confucius
The Lost Horse: A Chinese Folktale

Chapter 34: The Rise of Julius Caesar 100-40 BC
Detectives in Togas
Mystery of the Roman Ransom sequel to Detectives in Togas
The Ides of March
The Eagle of the Ninth (The Roman Britain Trilogy) 200 AD Rosemary Sutcliff won thCarnegie Medal with this Roman Britain trilogy.
The Silver Branch (Roman Britain Trilogy) 300 AD                  Boys loved this series, and the movie of the first book.
The Lantern Bearers (Roman Britain Trilogy) 500 AD

Chapter 35: Caesar the Hero 69-44
Cleopatra And Her Angry Asp (Horribly Famous) All the Horrible books are great. Get them all, if you can!
Julius Caesar (Young Reading (Series 3))

Chapter 36: The First Roman Prince 
Cleopatra (Time-Traveling Twins)

Chapter 37: The Beginning of Christianity
The Bronze Bow Newbery Medal winner
Hittite Warrior (Living History Library) 1300 BC
David and Goliath and Other Old Testament Stories (Discovering The Bible)
Jonah and the Whale and Other Old Testament Stories (Discovering The Bible)

Chapter 38: The End of the Ancient Jewish Nation
For the Temple A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem Free Kindle book

Chapter 39 : Rome and the Christians  (Pompeii is not covered in SOTW, but I added some books in any way.)
Vacation Under the Volcano (Magic Tree House, No. 13)
Pompeii…Buried Alive! (Step-Into-Reading, Step 4)
Pompeii (The Roman World)
Beric the Briton : a Story of the Roman Invasion Free kindle edition

Chapter 40: Rome Begins to Weaken (60- 305 AD)
The Ides of April  60 AD Rome
Beyond the Desert Gate 100AD (Sequel to The Ides of April)

Chapter 41: The Attacking Barbarians
Ruthless Romans (Horrible Histories)

Chapter 42: The End of Rome
Cattus Petasatus: The Cat in the Hat in Latin (Latin Edition)
Science in Ancient Rome (Science of the Past)

We also used these books.
World History
Myths and Legends (1000 Things You Should Know)
The Kingfisher Book of the Ancient World: From the Ice Age to the Fall of Rome
Step Into: Ancient Greece
The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik Willem van Loon Really like this one.
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, 3rd edition
The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (With Internet Links)

History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations, Grades 1-3
History Pockets: Ancient Egypt – Grades 4-6+ History Pockets
History Pockets: Ancient Rome, Grades 4-6+
History Pockets: Ancient Rome, Grades 4-6+ (Review)

When you finish SOTW 1 you can come have a look at our SOTW 2 Book List.

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