Astronomy for Kids.

Dr, Krumenaker once said, “Astronomy is a wonderful gateway subject that can provide a ‘hook’ to the student to study many other aspects of science.  It’s also an interdisciplinary subject that draws on so many of the ‘traditional’ science subjects.”  My feelings exactly 

Dr. Krumenaker, and that’s why I teach astronomy for kids. If you have it in mind to teach astronomy for kids, here is a list of what we have used to give you some ideas.

Enchantedlearning and StarChild were the very first thing we did for astronomy when my boys were 4, 6, 7 and 9. They all enjoyed reading about the universe, and doing some printables. We used some reference books like Stars & planetsMeteors and Comets, and Atlas of the Universe too.

The younger boys read the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 2 books. They are colourful and packed with easy to understand information. They are aimed at age 4-8.

airskull-4.jpgBasher Science: Astronomy: Out of this World!

Astronomy books we loved.

airskull-3.jpgCosmos: A Field Guide & Basher Science: Astronomy: Out of this World!

Astronomy DVDs

Morgan freeman does a wonderful job narrating this visual pleasing and thought provoking series.

Professor Cox shows us you can be cool and love astronomy in these BBC dvds.

We are big fans of The Great Courses. All the courses regularly go on 70% off sale, I have never purchased at full price. We have watched the following for astronomy.

Astronomy for teens and beyond.

If you have any astronomy for kids recomendations let me know in the comments!

…To Infinity and Beyond!!

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