100 Places You Will Never Visit

If I start every post the kids write with a cute video or picture of a kitten, will that be ok? Have I mentioned that I’m a bit obsessed with my kittens? Well I am, a very big bit. They are cute, and cuddly, and sucking all the time out of my day! But I can’t complain, I’m loving it!! Here is little Primrose waking up her brother, Thorin. If I got woken up by such sweetness maybe I wouldn’t be such a cow in the mornings? Maybe… nah, I doubt it.


Adorable, right? Don’t you just want to rub your face all over them? Or is that a weird thing I do? Enough about my weirdness, here is IrishWrath(15) telling you about a non-fiction book he loved this year.


I have seen the Pyramids, traveled up the Hiram Bingham highway to Macchu Picchu, and endeared the blazing desert to see Uluru. Thanks Google Maps!

Seeing the world without getting up off the couch is great. I have circumnavigated the earth frequently, gone back though time to witness amazing historical events, and seen the future of the universe, mostly with the help of books.

One such book is 100 Places You Will Never Visit. This book takes you to the world’s most mysterious, dangerous, and classified locations. With a single spin of the globe, this book names ninety places you have never heard of, and ten you know next to nothing about.

Some of them include Area 51, the supposed home of crashed aliens. This is possibly the best known secret location in the book. It is, however, one of the most secure places in the world. While you’ve heard of Area 51, the other places are even more mysterious.

100 Places You Will Never Visit


For example, an Atlantic island covered in snakes, aptly named “Snake Island”. The only sign of man left on that ophidian netherworld is an old lighthouse. Now the only thing it houses are snakes. There is a rumor that the last lighthouse keeper lived on the island with his family, until snakes invaded the house. When they tried to escape, they were cut down, one by one, by snakes hanging in the trees.

100 Places You Will Never Visit


Coca-Cola’s Recipe vault, a purpose-built Fort Knox to house the legendary Cola recipe. Legend says only four people know the recipe, and they can never travel together for fear of an accident that would kill them, thus depriving the world of Coca-Cola forever.

100 Places You Will Never Visit


And my favourite, Centralia, an old mining town in Pennsylvania. Its coal reserves were accidentally set alight over fifty years ago, and the ‘underworld’ of the city has been burning ever since. Even now smoke rises from cracks in the ground.

100 Places You Will Never Visit


100 Places You Will Never Visit is a great asset for every couch traveler, secret spy, and vacationer around. Just avoid snake island, it is not a good holiday spot.


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