Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

Have you noticed that we have been a little quiet round here? Well, our kittens are consuming all of my time, and this is the first time I have been on my laptop in maybe 2 weeks. That’s a record for me, as I love my laptop and the net, but I have been keeping up, a little, with Facebook and Instagram. School work has also slowed down, thanks to the kittens!

Who can do school work when there are kittens needing a place to sleep?!

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I have also been really lame about responding to mails and comments, and posting, but I’m determined to get back on track. Determined, I tell you! Unfortunately, determined and me don’t mix too well. To keep the blog alive I have asked my boys to write a few posts, and give you some ideas for non fiction books for kids, that could maybe be stocking fillers. IrishDoom is kicking us off with a look at one of his favorite series from this year. Over to you, IrishDoom:


This is my first ever review, so Mammy has given me several questions to answer to help me write it. Thanks Mammy!

Bathroom Readers


Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! are awesome books, but where do you read ’em? The name says it all. Ok, obviously you don’t have to read them while ‘doing business’ but we do keep ours on the bathroom shelf… for… emmm.. storage, yeah storage!

Bathroom Readers


Ok, Mammy, the next question doesn’t make any sense so I’m going to skip it! Mwahahahaha….. Less writing for me. Hold on, if I want to write less, why am I explaining this? Anyway…

These books have lots of random facts, that are very useful for proving people wrong about stuff, bragging about how much you know, and being totally AWESOME… and modest.

Bathroom Readers


Now I will tell you a little about each book that we have, individually.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! This book is just a whole lot of usual facts, for example; Did you know that lonely parrots can go insane? Or that Smokey the Bear has his own zip code? Or that there are more life forms in your mouth than there are people on the earth? All you need to know, and stuff you don’t need to know, is in this book.

Uncle John’s Electrifying Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! If the first book missed anything it’s in this one. Like camel milk doesn’t curdle, crocodiles eat stones to help stay submerged, and scientists cloned a cat in 2001. Its name is CC (Carbon Copy).

Uncle John’s Wild and Wooly Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! If you have an interest in animals, this is the book for you. Did you know that if you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground he can’t jump, and that goat’s eyes have rectangular pupils? And just so you know, Zebras are white with black stripes NOT the other way around!!

Uncle John’s Smell-O-Scopic Bathroom Reader for Kids Only! This book is a lot like the first, and second ‘For Kids Only’ above, with added smelliness!  Did you know that parachutes were invented before planes, the real name for holes in Swiss cheese is eyes, and a ripe cranberry will bounce?

Bathroom Readers


Uncle John’s Strange and Scary Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!: This book is about … well… strange and scary stuff. It features the Elephant Man, Carhenge, and you can even find out where Einstein’s brain is kept.

Uncle John’s the Haunted Outhouse Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!: This book has 15 of Uncle John’s Twisted tale, 14 graphic tales, and the usual unusual facts.

Bathroom Readers


There are many more books in this series, and I’m hoping we get a few for Christmas. Hint hint Mammy! I recommend these books to anyone who likes general knowledge, or anyone who wants to know more facts than his siblings! Now then, I can’t think of any good way to wrap this up, so I’m just going to stop writing with one last fact… The Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers for Kids Only are awesome!

Bathroom Readers

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