Books as Christmas Stocking Fillers

Santa has always been very encouraging of reading for my boys. They got board books as babies, picture books as toddlers, and now he fills their Christmas stockings with a variety of novels, fact books, joke books, and sometimes even school books! I am always on the look out for books my kids will enjoy, and I thought I would share some of their favourites with you.

I have asked my boys to give you a list of the top five or six books they would recommend for a child of similar age. They all recommend  Percy Jackson (5 books in Series), Artemis Fowl (8 Book in Series), and of course, Harry Potter.


Books as Christmas Stocking FillersIrishWrath, aged 14
Bartimaeus 3-book boxed set (Bartimaeus Trilogy)Books as Christmas Stocking Fillers
Children of the Lamp SeriesBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers  7 books in series
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas FlamelBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers 6 books in series
Books as Christmas Stocking FillersForgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Series Over 20 books in series (some mature content)
Septimus Heap 7 books in series
Inheritance Cycle 4-Books


Books as Christmas Stocking FillersIrishCyborg, aged 12
Warriors Over 20 books in series
An Origami Yoda BookBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers Books as Christmas Stocking Fillers4 books in series so far
The Ranger’s Apprentice 12 books in series so far
The Mysterious Benedict Society CollectionBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers
Guardians of Ga’hoole 15 books in the series
The Strange Case of Origami YodaBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers 4 Books in series so far (Language warning: crap, jerk, bejeezus etc) Win a copy here


Books as Christmas Stocking FillersIrishDoom, aged 10
The Last Apprentice (Spooks) 12 books in the series so far
The Annotated HobbitBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers
Schooling AroundBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers 5 books in series
Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder The Fart-tastic Boxed Set
Artemis Fowl  8 book in series


Books as Christmas Stocking Fillers IrishKing, aged 9
Deltora Quest Series   15 books in series
The Creature from My Closet   3 books in series so far
George’s Secret Key to the UniverseBooks as Christmas Stocking Fillers   3 books in series
The Last Apprentice (Spooks) 12 books in the series so far
Books as Christmas Stocking FillersNERDS    4 books so far in series


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